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Travel Limits

What quantity of duty free purchased items can I take with me if I am leaving Australia?

Duty free and customs allowances vary depending on where you are travelling to and may also be changed from time to timeYou are solely responsible for checking the duty free / customs allowances for all destination countries that you are travelling to. Neither Brisbane Airport nor any retailer is responsible in the event your purchase does not comply with any applicable custom regulations and/or duty-free regulations and we will not be responsible for the consequences of you purchasing more goods than permitted by applicable regulations. 

Are there restrictions for how much duty free items can I bring into Australia?

Yes. For information about Duty Free restrictions when arriving into Australia, you find out about Duty Free allowances by visitingDuty free (abf.gov.au) Please note that you are solely responsible for checking duty free / customs allowances and restrictions, noting that these may be changed from time to time. 

Do the LAGS restrictions apply to items I order on BNE Duty Free?

Yes, restrictions apply to the carriage of liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGS)  in your carry on luggage and items not meeting carriage restrictions will need to be forfeited. You are responsible for ensuring that you understand and comply with all carriage restrictions. 

Can I place a large order?

Due to restrictions, there may be limitations for how much you can purchase. For larger orders please contact Lotte Duty Free customer service team 1300 388 937 (Australia), +61 1300 388 937 (International) or dutyfree@bne.com.au 

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